Suction Dredge Mining Regulations SEIR

CDF&G Suction Dredge Mining SEIR

ASRA Lake Clementine and Area-wide Suction dredging restrictions

Bill C’s Summary from his 4/27/2011 presentation at the Placer County Fish and Game Commission meeting:

“I presented a PowerPoint program to the Placer County Fish & Game Commission last night, asking them to recommend to the Placer County Board of Supervisors that they send a resolution or letter to DFG, in the form of an official comment on the draft SEIR, opposing the proposed new regulations. I am pleased to report the Commission unanimously approved a resolution recommending that the BOS: (i) oppose the new suction dredge regulations; (ii) request DFG to close the North Fork American Wild  and Scenic River and all Wild Trout Streams in the Middle and North Fork drainages to suction dredge mining; (iii) request that DFG address the mercury pollution issue associated with suction dredge mining; and (iv) request DFG to ban 8” nozzles on the North and Middle Forks and their tributaries. The resolution has been placed on the Placer County Supervisor’s agenda for Tuesday, May 3. The dredgers will be there in force, I suspect. Therefore it would be good to have a strong contingent from the “other side.” You should know that the dredgers also oppose the regulations, on the ground that they are too restrictive.”  Now, Bill C. will start speaking to Board Members of the Placer County Board of Supervisors to get their stands on the issues.

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