UARF partnered with folks from North Fork American River Alliance (NFARA), Canyon Keepers, Protect American River Canyons (PARC), Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA), Sac-Sierra Trout Unlimited, and the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as part of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s “Great Sierra River Clean Up” at 4 sites near Colfax, CA on the North Fork American River on September 20, 2014… This group photo shows many of those who volunteered and made this area much nicer to visit! IMG_0074 IMG_0062 IMG_0059















110503 – Placer County Board of Supervisors Unanimously supports Banning of Dredges

Bill Carnazzo reports: “This morning the Placer County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to adopt a resolution submitted by the county Fish and Game Commission regarding proposed suction dredge mining regulations. That’s right folks, 5-zip in favor of resolution. The resolution authorizes the chairman of the Board of Supervisors to write a comment letter to California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) that will:
•  Oppose the new DFG regulations on dredging.
•  Ban the use of  dredges on  “Wild and Scenic” waters, such as the North Fork American River Watershed, and also on “Wild Trout” status rivers, under the State Heritage Trout Program.
•  Ban the use of 8 inch suction nozzles.
• The Board of Supervisors was also asked to consider the impact dredgers would have on the methylation of mercury in the American River watershed.

This is great news and will help convince DFG to revise their regulations. The Board of Supervisors is to be commended.”


110429 – Rattlesnake Season is Here! “Don’t Let Rattlesnakes take a bite out of YOUR fun…

110428 Placer County Fish and Game Commission unanimously approves our suggestions

110427 “Peaking Reach Agreement.Reached”BillC’s 110426 MFAR.FERC.Update.

110426 DFG Reminds Us About Rattlesnake Awareness!110426  weblink

110426 DFG reminder about Rattlesnakes « CA DFG News110426 .pdf

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