Fishing Reports

Bill Carnazzo’s narratives on fishing the Upper American River Watersheds can (and should) be viewed by anglers interested in our fisheries here: Since his passing on Jan. 15, 2013 we have all missed his continuing contributions and support for our fisheries. Rest in Peace Bill!

California Department of Fish and Game – Trout Planting Schedules

Fish Sniffer Map Features and Articles on the American River:

North Fork American River:

Rubicon River:

2012.0720 Dan Bacher (UARF Board Member)   North Fork of the American: Wild Rainbows in Spring, Smallmouths in Summer (UARF President, Bill Templin, is featured in this article… thanks Dan.)

2011.0429 Garry Erck – Fish Sniffer – Snow Makes Crystal Basin Access Tough  “Record snow is keeping most anglers out of the Crystal Basin. The few that hit the high elevation waters have been rewarded with quality fish – though sparse reports of mackinaw from Union Valley still show big macks are biting… see The Fish Sniffer Apr-29 to May 13, 2011 for more

2011.0124 – Dan Bacher (UARF Board Member) Loon Lake Delivers Great Rainbow Fishing at Wilderness Edge

2011.0122 – Dan Bacher (UARF Board Member) Hell Hole: Kokanee, Mackinaw and Brows in Deep Canyon Splendor

2011.0413..Folsom Lake Bel Lange The Outdoorsman for Bass and Trout

2011.0304 J.D. Richey

2010.1117. American River Salmon Numbers a Big Improvement Over Last Year

2009.0113  Map Feature – American River Middle Fork

2008.0811. The Wild Browns and Rainbows Of The Middle Fork American

2007.0424 Rubicon River and Ralston Afterbay Offer Year Round Wild Trout Fishing

2007.04/12 Upper American River Foundation at GBF meeting

2006.0129  Fishing For Watershed Health

2004.0813 The American River\’s Hidden Fish Kill: 181,000 Salmon Die Before Spawning

Fisher\’sNet Fishing Maps & Information for French Meadows and Hell Hole Reservoirs

Fish Sniffer Map Feature – Hell Hole Reservoir

Fish Sniffer Map Feature – Rubicon River Ralston  Afterbay (Oxbow Reservoir) to Ellicotts Bridge

Fish Sniffer Map Feature – North Fork American River

Fish Sniffer Map Feature – Folsom Lake

Fish Sniffer Map Feature – Lower American River – Steelhead

FishSniffer Map Feature for Lower American River – Rossmoor to Howe

Fish Sniffer Map Feature for Lower American River – Discovery to Ancil Hoffman


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